About Mensch Ventures

Founded in 2016 by Silicon Valley people leader Beth Steinberg, Mensch Ventures is a People and Talent advisory firm focused on helping companies scale, enhance culture and drive business results. Mensch Ventures works with growing companies, venture capital firms, and nonprofits experiencing complex talent, organizational development and growth challenges.

What We Do

  • Work with your team to guide them to learn and grow as leaders
  • Foster growth in your people leaders to build confidence and competence
  • Assess your company values to ensure they are activated and integrated into your company; if not, figure out how to fix that
  • Partner with you to plan and prepare your company to scale
  • Accelerate learning in your current People/Talent/HR team to elevate their skills
  • Address any underlying barriers to success and prescribe solutions to move your organization forward
  • Develop and implement a Talent Strategy and a Talent Plan
  • Be a temporary resource for your People leader

I Believe

At Mensch, we live by a few guiding principles that set us apart.

Don’t do the same old things.
Companies vary by size, industry, product offerings and leadership characteristics, and so should their approach to building and fostering culture. We don’t believe in a one size fits all approach. We work with you to customize what’s right for your team and business.

Partner, don’t preach.
When you feel most of your focus needs to be on business strategy, we get that it’s easy to lose sight of culture. We’re here to listen, collaborate and partner with you to design an integrated program that not only fits with your business, but drives your business.

Assume the good.
We seek out companies and people who want to do the right thing for their employees, customers, and investors. If we see and know that your heart’s in it, then we’ll be right there with you.

What people have to say about working with Beth

  • Beth and I worked together at BrightRoll where she was our Chief People Officer. She made a material impact on the culture of the company, changed how we developed our employees, improved how we led as a management team, and did all of this in a short period of time before we were acquired by Yahoo! I was drawn to work with Beth because she is clear about what she believes and what is important to her, and most of those values I share. She believes in people, accountability, respect and transparency, and a real commitment to talent and culture.

  • Beth and I worked together in the early, hyper-growth days of Facebook. We were doubling our team size every 6 months and tackling all the challenges that brings. Beth was instrumental to our success and sanity throughout the process. She provided not only personal mentorship but also incredible insight on everything from culture to personal growth to organizational structure that set us up for success. Beth has a kind and caring approach to address all aspects HR but is not afraid to push your organization forward for maximum performance.

  • During the two years we worked together at Reddit, Beth was our de facto VP of People and HR. Her experience, judgment and long-term perspective were invaluable to us as we scaled up and grew up from 25 to 75 employees. She coached Reddit on how to integrate inclusiveness into our team and practices, what to think about as we formed HR policies and practices, and how to manage specific conflicts and issues. As we evolved from a homogenous, geographically spread-out team to an open, diverse team in one location, her perspective helped smooth the transition. She was always accessible and responsive, and that made a big difference as we grew quickly. I always looked forward to talking with Beth, because I knew no matter how painful the problem, she would get us to a workable, high-integrity solution.

  • Beth has been a critical advisor to us, helping us understand how to scale and manage the company as a whole, and also helping to mentor individual leaders to ensure they scale with the company. Her combination of experience, insight, and dedication have been a great asset to me and my team.

  • Beth joined our Advisory Board last year and has been a key advisor in the growth of our organization ever since. She has been especially helpful in the transition of bringing on our new CEO at Hackbright Academy. Beth possesses deep knowledge around managing and growing teams and organizations as well as all the challenges along the way. She is a great coach and advisor. Highly recommended.

  • Beth is passionate about helping companies identify and develop emerging leaders, and creating a performance culture that supports growth and scale. She helped Sunrun put in place development programs that allowed us to punch above our weight in developing future leaders. Many of the folks who participated in those programs are in key positions with the company today. She had the ability to inspire, coach, and lead both her own team and larger team at Sunrun. It was clear she cared deeply for the company and the team.

  • I have worked with Beth in multiple roles across two different companies. She is an exceptional human resources executive and an unusually empathetic human being. On multiple occasions she has helped us develop and hire effective in-house HR capacity where before we had none, and set up healthy processes and systems in line with our organization’s mission and goals. Her great experience and insight in the field makes her an invaluable advisor when dealing with unusual or tricky personnel and organizational issues.
    She considers complex situations from multiple perspectives and deftly formulates strategies to achieve business goals while taking into account the needs and dignity of all stakeholders. I consider this capability extremely rare and invaluable for anyone who wants to build a healthy and strong organization. I and several other people I deeply respect do not hesitate to call on Beth when confronting great challenges, and I would work with her again in a heartbeat.

  • As Hackbright has grown, Beth has helped us scale people and processes to meet the opportunity–and to stay true to our mission and values. With her help, we are more productive, and happier.

  • Beth has been absolutely invaluable in helping Jhana scale over the last four years. Beth helped advise across business, culture, people and product. She has the rare ability to bring the big picture and tactical together for just about any situation, which leads to real impact.

  • Beth has an uncanny ability to identify talented, high potential people across an organization, and an unwavering commitment to making sure they are engaged, empowered and developed. From assessing organizational structure to creating leadership training programs from scratch to developing compensation structures and philosophy, she knows what it takes to help an organization scale effectively. Sharp and dynamic, Beth is strong as a partner, mentor and coach, and is a pleasure to work with and for.

  • Beth is an extremely talented and high-impact executive. At Sunrun, I saw and personally experienced her transform talent and organizational development (practices, team, outcomes), rebuild leadership culture, and contribute to major business strategy. Beth builds these assets at a company with her experience and her intelligence but also with her character and leadership style. Beth is calm, respectful, insightful, and strong. Beth assembles coherent curricula, espouses strong views about leadership imperatives, and serves, amazingly, as a resource for so many people and situations. Individual contributors and managers at all levels trust and admire her and benefit from her leadership.

  • I worked on Beth’s team for just under a year. Although I didn’t directly report into her, she was instrumental in shaping the way I viewed how the people team can positively impact a company’s culture through thought leadership, empathy, and career development. I often sought out Beth’s time to gain her perspective on a troubling issue related to recruiting or even internal politics, given her vast experience in HR and people operations. Even with a busy schedule, Beth set aside time to listen and provide me with direct feedback. Her candor and transparency resonated well with me, and I continue to seek out her mentorship when it comes to important decisions involving my career, the company I’m working for, and even personally.

  • Beth has been a trustworthy and inspiring leadership mentor to me for several years. While at Sunrun, Beth was a great thought partner as we talked about company priorities and culture and my own leadership ambitions. My colleagues and I were naturally drawn to and motivated by her energetic and engaging personality. She was constantly developing and rolling out new programs – such as our company values, Emerging Leaders programs, talent-related KPIs, guest speaker series, etc. – to attract and develop people and teams. Beth knows how to create an environment where leaders and teams can thrive.

  • Beth is an amazing partner and advisor to executives, managers and employees with respect to organizational development and change. As a Vice President of HR at Electronic Arts, Beth was able to quickly learn the needs of the organization she oversaw and effectively coached the Executives of the business units to plan, communicate and structurally improve the efficiency of business operation. On a personal level, Beth is very active in philanthropy and her generosity is admired and appreciated by many.

  • I first started working with Beth when she joined BrightRoll in mid 2014 as the SVP of People & Talent. Almost instantly, she re-energized the company culture by providing very clear action plans for how managers at BrightRoll could better develop and invest in their employees. She introduced new programs focused on skill development in addition to building out processes that standardized how the broader company hired, trained and promoted employees. She joined at a time when the company was experiencing massive growth and her leadership and insights were crucial to ensuring we had the proper infrastructure to support the growth. Personally, I was a people manager and employee of BrightRoll for 6 years when Beth joined. It was motivating for me to learn from someone like Beth and it has influenced how I currently manage and motivate my team today.

  • Beth is one of the best HR leaders I’ve had the opportunity to work with and for. She has unmatched knowledge of organizational structure and dynamics. Beth brings a thoughtful, non-traditional, progressive outlook to the People teams and organizations, which creates a fun, engaging, and forward-looking team environment. During the time I worked on her team, she was a great mentor and coach, placing implicit trust in her direct reports while empowering the team to push boundaries and think outside the box in order to provide best in class support to the business. I continue to look to Beth as a mentor and I am truly grateful to have had the opportunity to be part of her team.

  • Beth created a culture that is unique in my two plus decades of work experience. She inspired people managers at every level to be leaders, and showed us that managing is not something we do in our spare time – it’s the primary component of our job. Then she gave us the tools to do it better.

  • Few people have the opportunity to work with someone who they can also call their coach and mentor. Beth exemplifies everything you want in a leader. She is empathetic, always available, and provides great guidance. She thinks big picture and is always coming up with creative solutions to problems. She works extremely hard, but knows how to have fun. I would be lucky to have the opportunity to work with Beth again.

  • Beth and I worked together at Sunrun. It was my first leadership opportunity. I remember being full of ambition and good intentions, but also being pretty clueless on how to serve my team and help them grow and succeed. Beth invested in me and sped up my development.
    With Beth’s support, I went from managing a team of 2 to directing a team of 60 in three years. Because of what she’s taught me, I’m confident that I can continue to earn bigger opportunities and add more value to my teams and my organization.
    She added a lot of value with the following skills: – Managing my own mindset, confidence, and principles; Getting the most out of people through respect, transparency and high expectations; Recruiting and hiring – how to define the traits you want to hire and how to determine if a candidate possesses those traits; Creating a culture of high performance and accountability: Creating systems and processes that scale.

  • Beth joined BrightRoll pre-acquisition, and was able to leave a strong and lasting impact on the company and people in extremely short order. Beth has an incredible gift for balancing organizations and individual needs, and also walking the line between systems that scale with designing progressive solutions to drive engagement. She was a positive, energizing leader that helped bring together departments and groups that had been more isolated prior to her arrival. I highly recommend working with Beth and look forward to working with her again in the future.