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Meet America’s Best Startup Employers 2020

If you’d rather take a risk and join a budding business than be bound to the rungs of the corporate ladder, startup life may be right for you. But when your potential employer hasn’t existed for more than a few READ MORE



Promoting Gender Diversity Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated

Inclusivity of women in the workforce has been an ongoing battle for years. There’s plenty of lip service paid to this topic, but the numbers tell us that we’re not putting words into action. Of the 3,000 publicly traded companies READ MORE



12 Signs Your Employee Is Disengaged (And How To Respond)

High levels of employee engagement can have an extremely positive impact on a work environment. Productivity rises, communication flows more openly and projects move from idea to actuation faster. However, whether from dissatisfaction with work or disruptive events in their READ MORE



11 HR Experts Dispel Some Common Job Hunting Myths
11 HR Experts Dispel Some Common Job Hunting Myths

In today’s highly connected and accessible digital world, there’s a lot of advice floating around about every subject under the sun — including what to do and what not to do when you’re looking for a new job. It can be READ MORE



To Build A Stronger Business, Embed Resiliency In Your Culture

Beth Steinberg is the Chief People Officer of Zenefits The ideals behind business culture have become muddled. When it comes to defining and creating company culture, businesses have put an alarming amount of focus on superfluous perks in efforts to attract READ MORE



Equal Pay Is A Big Problem For Women In Small Businesses

Employers think they’re paying their staff fairly but staff tell a different story. While 92% of employers report that they are paying their staff fairly, only 65% of employees reported being actually paid fairly. A similar discrepancy between owner and worker READ MORE



At South By Southwest: Fresh Ideas About Working
At South By Southwest: Fresh Ideas About Working

The first session was led by three high-powered women from the human resources world: Patty McCord, Colleen McCreary, and Beth Steinberg – former head of people at companies like Facebook and Nike, whose Mensch Ventures now helps companies with talent issues.